Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Passaconaway Cutoff: 10/16/18

A brisk, sunny day for a fall maintenance trip on Passaconaway Cutoff. Mostly drainage cleaning, with just a few small blowdowns to remove. Did a little bushwhack diversion on the way up.

Leafy walking on the railroad grade section of Oliverian Brook Trail.

 Start of the Cutoff, the adopted trail of the AMC Four Thousand Footer Committee.

Partway up I bushwhacked to a favorite beaver pond/bog with an impressive view of Mt. Passaconaway.

Passaconaway is a frame-filler of a mountain.

Square Ledge and Nanamocomuck Peak, with a bit of Wonalancet Hedgehog peering out on the left.

A nifty profile of Square Ledge.

Old beaver cuttings.

 I bushwhacked around in the valley, seeking evidence of an old logging camp of the Conway Lumber Company's Swift River Railroad. Along the way there were some sunny hobblebush fields.

I didn't see any obvious camp location, but a previous explorer had hung these artifacts  - some sort of coupling? - in a tree.

At another spot someone had gathered a bucketful of horseshoes. Note that it is illegal to remove such artifacts from the WMNF. Always leave them as you found them.

I temporarily put a single horseshoe on display.

Along the hardwood stroll section of the Cutoff.

Cascade on the west branch of Oliverian Brook.

Top of the trail, drainages done at 4:15.

Just a few spots of color left on the upper slopes of Mt. Passaconaway.

West branch of Oliverian Brook, at the trail crossing.

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