Thursday, March 1, 2018


Carol and I had a beautiful spring-like day for a day of mellow hiking and geocaching on the southeast side of the mountains.

Mt. Whiteface from Great Hill School Pond (aka Duck Pond) in Hemenway State Forest.

We made the easy hike up to the firetower on Great Hill (1300 ft.).

It's an historic tower.

The Great Hill tower has, well, great views of the Sandwich Range, including this look at Whiteface and Passaconaway.

Sprawling Mt. Paugus with its many cliffs and crags.

The horn of Chocorua.

Hello down there!

More views of the Sandwich Range from the south shore of White Lake, in White Lake State Park.

Chocorua and the Sisters.

There is a very nice 2 mile loop trail around the lake. We found variable spring conditions on the sunny eastern shore and consistent snow coverage on the shadier western side.


We extended the loop along the Pitch Pine Trail, which passes through a stand of pitch pines (familiar from Cape Cod and other sandy places) that is a National Natural Landmark.

One of two black spruce bogs in a town of Tamworth preserve.

Snowshoe tracks along the edge of White Lake.

Chocorua peeking over.

Quiet evening at White Lake. This is a very busy place in summer, and is also popular as a snowmobiling spot, but there was no one around this day.


  1. This must be the only angle where the peak of Whiteface is more attractive than Passaconaway!