Wednesday, November 12, 2014


On a fairly warm November morning I bushwhacked up a nameless brook on the lower slope of Mt. Blue (on the north side of Mt. Moosilauke) to some lovely cascades. I learned about these from fellow bushwhacking enthusiasts John "1HappyHiker" Compton and Chris "NeoAkela" Whiton, who have both explored this ravine in recent years. Thanks, guys!

Before embarking on the trek, I stopped at the Wildwood Picnic Area on Rt. 112 for a look at the snowy north ridge of Mt. Blue.

I found a parking spot on Rt. 112 and whacked along the Wild Ammonoosuc River until I reached the spot where the nameless brook comes in.

Not far up, the brook already showed signs of getting cascade-y.

Burls on an old yellow birch.

Nice woods on the floor of the valley.

The first significant cascade.

Looking down at the first cascade and its picturesque pool.

Just upstream was the second cascade.

Even when just sliding long, this brook is pretty.

Mossy rock walls abound in this little ravine.

A double cascade - the biggest drop in the set.

I clambered up the ledges on the side of the cascade.

Looking back down.

This may be the prettiest of the group. A much better image of this one is in the 2015 White Mountain Images by Chris Whiton calendar for the month of May.

Still more cascades just above.

A fine double cascade at the top of the series.

The upper drop.

A commanding perch looking downstream.

The brook levels out above here for a bit, but more cascades may await higher up in the valley. Looking forward to coming back in the spring.


  1. Steve, I should be the one thanking you for raising my awareness of the rewards of bushwhacking! And although Chris and I called your attention to this particular adventure, we are grateful to you for the countless bushwhacks you have shared with us.

    As would be expected, your report vividly captures the essence of this nameless brook on the lower slope of Mt. Blue. It appears that your explorations ended about where mine have ended. I'm certain that this Spring there will be some further expeditions higher up in the valley. :-)


    1. Thank you, John! This little brook was a great find. Yes, it would be fun to explore higher up there in the spring!


  2. A new word for the day-"cascadey". Beautiful stuff!

  3. Hi Paul - Don't know if that will ever make it into the dictionary! Thanks for reading - hopefully it brings a little piece of the mountains across the miles to you in Cleveland.