Thursday, July 3, 2014


Waterfalls never look better than on a "HHH" (hazy, hot and humid) summer day. There may be bigger waterfalls, but no other waterfall hike in the Whites can match the first mile of Beaver Brook Trail on Mt. Moosilauke, revealing cascade after cascade plunging down the steep mountainside. Before opening my store a little late on this morning, I climbed this first mile to savor the coolness of the forest and the stunning beauty of Beaver Brook.

I always love this DOC warning sign at the beginning of the steep climb.

The first cascade is only 0.4 mile from the Beaver Brook parking lot, an easy short hike.

The second cascade, which is a bit hidden from the trail.

Cascade #3.

Looking down the first tricky scramble (at 2300 ft.), aided by rebar and wooden steps.

At the top of the pitch you are greeted by this cascade.

Despite its steepness, the trail lures you on with tantalizing glimpses of higher cascades.

Probably the biggest single drop along the trail, at about 2550-2600 ft.

Higher up the trail.

A pin step & rebar combo. This is some great trail engineering in near-impossible terrain by the Dartmouth Outing Club.

A side view.

I took a break on a great ledge perch in the stream, looking down into a small gorge.

A sweeping arc of pin steps placed by the DOC trail crew. Good luck getting up or down this slippery ledge without them!

This cascade at 2900 ft. was my turn-around point, as I needed to get down and open the store.

A hazy view of Mt. Wolf.

Looking down the long set of pin steps. This must be a tough spot for AT thru-hikers with tall heavy packs.

An "interesting" spot along the descent.

I stopped here for a few minutes to enjoy the cooling spray..aaaahhhh!

A quick side trip out to Beaver Pond, where I saw a juvenile Common Loon.

Looking up at the Beaver Brook ravine, site of a short but memorable morning climb.

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