Monday, December 31, 2012


Our friends Harry and Barb Cunningham were up from Concord visiting and wanted to do some snowshoeing in the fresh powder that had fallen the previous few days. One of our favorite trails for 'shoeing is the East Pond Trail, so up the Kanc we went. Ours was the only car in the parking lot, and there was 4" of untouched powder atop an older snowshoe track - perfect conditions!

Up to the crossing of Pine Brook, the trail follows an 1890s vintage J.E. Henry logging railroad grade through corridors of conifers.

The happy snowshoeing couple posed for a photo through a blowdown arched across the trail.

Along the edge of Pine Brook. The crossing here was sketchy, with no real snow bridges formed, so we didn't try to cross.

Instead, we bushwhacked a little ways up the brook, through deep powder.

A scene along the brook.

Pine Brook muffled in new-fallen snow.

A cold blue sky overhead as we returned along the trail. Winter has most definitely arrived!


  1. Fabulous choice of places to take friends on a snowshoe outing! Nice trail, beautiful woodlands, plus a bit of White Mountain history. Seems like a winning combination to me!


  2. Thanks John, it is indeed an ideal snowshoeing trail! Even just going to the first brook crossing is a nice little outing. I recall you did that yourself recently when you had only a short time available.