Sunday, April 22, 2012


Bar Harbor was shrouded in fog this morning, but things started to brighten around 10:00, and by the time we drove to Eagle Lake, not far out of town, skies were completely sunny and the temperature was soaring into the high seventies. Today's destination was Conners Nubble, a small (588 ft.), rocky peak that rises steeply at the SW end of Eagle Lake. I had visited this spot on an evening loop over North Bubble last year, but the hour was late and I could only enjoy the marvelous views for a few minutes before heading out. A repeat visit was in order.

The easiest way to approach Conners Nubble is a 1.4 mi. walk along the Eagle Lake carriage road on the west side of the lake. Last year the carriage roads were closed for mud season; this year's early spring enabled them to open early. The carriage road junctions are marked by these nifty signs.

The first part of the carriage road led through tall conifers.

Through the trees there were glimpses of Eagle Lake.

Most of the carriage road walk was through a fine oak forest. The sun was beating down relentlessly in these leafless woods.

We turned off onto the Eagle Lake Trail and quickly made another turn onto the Bubbles Trail.

This trail climbs gradually along the north slope of Conners Nubble through an area of scrubby hardwoods recovering from the great 1947 fire that burned thousands of acres on Mt. Desert Island. No shade here.

A steep pitch signified that we were approaching the main climb up the Nubble.

After a few easy ledge scrambles, we emerged on the open rocky summit, with the backside of The Bubbles visible ahead.

Conners Nubble is a small little peak, but its setting amidst several of the highest summits of Acadia provides outstanding vistas. Pemetic Mountain is seen over the south end of Eagle Lake.

Cadillac Mountain, Acadia's tallest, rises to the east.

The impressive ledgy mass of Sargent Mountain, second highest in the park, looms to the SW.

To the NW is a view over a remote, low-lying area of the park, including Aunt Betty Pond.


The Nubble commands an unparalleled vista over Eagle Lake.

The sun was brutally hot on the ledges, with virtually no breeze, so we cut our summit stay short after an hour.

We descended back to the north, then headed a little way south on the cool, shady Eagle Lake Trail.

Carol found us a nice spot on the shore with a view across to Cadillac Mountain. We lounged here for the better part of an hour before heading back along the shade-less carriage road.

Back at the parking area at the north end of Eagle Lake, we could look back at Conners Nubble, seen here to the left of center under the two humps of the North Bubble.

Since the day was so fine, if a tad warm, we drove the road up Cadillac Mountain and meandered along the summit loop trail. This view looks east over the south ridge of Dorr Mountain to Champlain Mountain, with fog lingering out over the ocean. 

The view SE down the valley between Cadillac and Dorr to The Beehive, Gorham Mountain, and Otter Cove. We capped off the day with fried clams at a Bar Harbor eatery.


  1. Hi Steve,
    I'm really enjoying your series of reports about your Bar Harbor vacation. Cheri and I are hoping to go there for a few days in October. Before going, I'll need to get some tips from you about things that are 'MUSTS' and not to be missed!

    Love the photo of you with your "Lawrence of Arabia" look!


  2. Hi John,

    There are many places not to be missed at Acadia, but I'll try to narrow it down for you!


  3. Hi Steve - I, too, am enjoying your series. I'd like to take my kids there this summer and am trying to figure out the shortest/easiest trails for them. They are 6 & 8 and can both be quick to express their discomfort : )

    I'm pretty sure the Conners Nubble was named after one of my ancestors from Bar Harbor. I know a couple of them helped build the carriage road itself. Unfortunately, most of the early park records were destroyed in the fire you mentioned.

    Anyway, thanks for all of the information.

    Susan Conners

  4. Thanks, Susan - that's really neat that you have a family connection to the Nubble. It's one of my favorite spots in the park. There are quite a few short and easy hikes that your kids should enjoy. Gorham Mountain would be a great choice, as would the South Bubble from the higher trailhead. Have fun when you go!