Wednesday, September 22, 2010


And now for something completely different...

Last weekend Carol and I were in Boston for my nephew David's wedding. We were staying in the Hyatt Harborside and learned that outside the door was a 3/4 mile section of the Boston "HarborWalk."

And so, on a beautiful morning in Beantown, three of us stepped outside the hotel to gawk at this spectacular view of the city skyline.

It looked even better zoomed in. Wish I had brought the binoculars!

At the hotel end of the walk was a granite monument with a Scudder's-type viewing guide carved into it for identifying buildings and other landmarks.

It was a perfect morning for a waterside walk. The trail curves around Jeffries Cove and near its far end provides a view back across to the Hyatt.

Coming back around, a different angle on the hotel with the Boston Edison plant beyond. A Boston Fire/Rescue boat is in front of the hotel.

The skyline from other perspectives on the way back.

It was fun to be a "Fool for the City" for a couple of days. And yes, a good time was had by all....

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