Thursday, November 1, 2018


A cloudy, chilly day for a reprise of a bushwhack loop on Sandwich Dome's Acteon Ridge.

An unofficial mountain bike trail provided a pleasant approach to these lower ledges.

Nice spot for a break.

Approaching higher ledges.

Late oak foliage frames the Campton Range.

Twisted oak.

Granite ramp.

The two Black Mountains are especially dark on this gray day.

Late blueberry color.

A cluster of acorn-like fungi.

Cliff in the woods.

Open forest on Acteon Ridge.

A favorite view ledge.

Some oak color on the valley floor, with the Campton Range beyond.

Sandwich Dome and the upper Black Mountain beyond the Smarts Brook valley.

Frosted summit of the Dome.

Open woods in the Acteon Peak-Sachem Peak col.

Neat boulder.

Same boulder from the other side.

There are several big rocks in this neighborhood.

I did a sort of reverse "blueline" of a tributary stream of Smarts Brook, following it from its headwater below the col...

...down through golden hardwood forest...

...alongside small cascades...

...past a little granite waterslide...

...and a pool on the floor of the valley... its confluence with Smarts Brook.

Pool in Smarts Brook seen while whacking back to the mountain bike trail.

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