Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Some short morning snowshoeing jaunts, looking for untracked snow off the hardpacked trails!

This was the route of Greeley Ponds Trail off the Kanc Highway before a 1962 relocation. It's very wet in summer and is now a dead-end even as a winter trail due to beaver flooding.

Passage between boulders on the lower north slope of East Osceola.

A whale jaw?

Along the East Branch of the Pemigewasset at Hancock Campground. Our friend Ken Stampfer gave us the idea of snowshoeing here - thanks! Ample plowed parking and nice open woods with fine riverside scenery.

Pine boughs frosted by river mist.

A bundled-up snowshoer.

The East Branch was completely smothered in snow and ice a few days earlier.

On a morning "backyard bushwhack" out of Lincoln to cascades on Horner Brook, I passed this damage from the October windstorm.

A big double-trunk white pine.

Great open woods with mostly firm snowpack. These excellent bushwhacking conditions are the one benefit of the thaw and refreeze.

Frozen Loon Pond Mountain Cascades on Horner Brook. The original hiking trail up to the South Peak of Loon Mountain passed nearby here.

Cauliflower ice.

Looking downstream.

Horner Brook above the cascades.

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