Thursday, September 14, 2017


I enjoyed two short bushwhack excursions on 9/7 and another on 9/12 looking for views on the ridges around the road leading up to Russell Pond. 


On 9/7 I took part of the afternoon off and did two short bushwhacks, starting from the upper part of the road to Russell Pond.

A view of West Tecumseh and its long spur ridges from a ledge on a ridge east of Russell Pond.

Another ledge offers a view of the ominous mass of Scar Ridge.

A vista peering through Thornton Gap to the distant Sleepers and Mt. Whiteface. Osceola's Breadtray Ridge is on the left, West Tecumseh on the right.

Zoom on Thornton Gap.

A random meadow in the forest.

Nice hardwood whacking to "Russell Pond Peak," (2071 ft.), south of the pond.

Osceola, Tripyramid (through Thornton Gap) and West Tecumseh from the top of a wooded cliff on the precipitous east face of Russell Pond Peak.

The summit of Russell Pond Peak, a "2000-Footer."

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Title page of the summit register.

A scene at the summit.

Russell Pond, looking across to the two summits of Russell Pond Peak. There was a loon out on the water.


A short, steep afternoon bushwhack from Russell Pond Road led to a great ledge perch on the east side of Russell Pond Peak, offering wide views of the Osceola-Tecumseh area. I first visited this ledge back in the mid-1990s.

Open woods are the rule on this whack.

The final approach to the ledge is steep.

A commanding perch looking towards Mt. Osceola and Thornton Gap.

West Tecumseh and ridges stretching out towards Dickey Mountain.

Tripyramid is sighted through Thornton Gap.

A comfortable place to hang out for a while.

The West, Middle and Main peaks of Osceola, with Breadtray Ridge on the right.

From here you can see the entire Scar Ridge-Osceola ridgeline.


Quartz intrusion.

Looking up the Talford Brook valley to the North Peak of Loon (left) and Scar Ridge (right),

The wild back side of Loon.

Parting shot.

Balanced boulder.

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