Saturday, February 8, 2014


After a snowblowing/shoveling morning (8" of powder in Lincoln), I made a short but strenuous climb to "The Luck of the Irish," a popular ice climbing area in Kinsman Notch on the lower NE slope of Mt. Waternomee. I didn't know where the climber's access trail was, so I made a steep bushwhack starting from the plowed pulloff on Rt. 112. 

It was a strenuous climb in deep unbroken snow, rising 500 ft. in 0.3 mile.

Approaching the crags, the terrain got a little crazy.

The most challenging snowshoeing I've done in a while.

Finally, the ice flows are in sight!

Wow - what a neat winter playground, cloaked in pristine untracked snow with no one around.

A rock overhang splits two of the ice formations.

An ice cave!

Looking across to the west.

Nice place for a late lunch.

The ice is really in this winter. In An Ice Climber's Guide to Northern New England, by S. Peter Lewis and Rick Wilcox, there are ten named routes up here, including several in an area off to the left (east) known as The Beast, which I didn't get to today.

A peek out at the Hancocks.

With deep snow covering the lower-angled ice at the bottom, I was able to get close looks at some of the climbs in my snowshoes.

Gorgeous ice formations!

Another angle.

Cool ice pillar.

Overview of the area, looking east.

A view out to Mt. Osceola.

Zoom on Middle & South Tripyramid.

A smaller ice flow on the right (west) end of the crags.

Here I found the steep climber's path, plain as day.

There are some big old yellow birches up here.

Nice view of the Monkey Cliffs on the way down.


  1. Hi Steve, Your Luck of the Irish title certainly grabbed my attention! That said, EVERY time you throw a post up on your blog I run to my study to grab my White Mountain trail map and "hike" along with you. I don't get up to the Whites to hike as often I'd like, especially this time of year, so these winter postings are REALLY entertaining! Thanks for plugging away up there. Your time spent doing this is much appreciated. Regards, Jimmy O

    1. Thanks for reading, Jimmy - glad you enjoy the blog. It's been a good winter out there so far!

      Happy Trails,

  2. It's beautiful. I got some snowshoes for Christmas, but haven't managed to find the time to use them. Maybe now I will.

    1. Thanks - hope you get a chance to use the new snowshoes. There's some fine snow out there now!


  3. Nice trip, I can see, that You have winter like us:)
    Greetings from Poland

    1. Thank you - it looks like you have beautiful mountains in Poland.