Saturday, January 18, 2020

Upper Greeley Pond: 1/17/20

A mid/late afternoon snowshoe into cold winter beauty. Broke trail up the Greeley Ponds XC Ski Trail, as the Greeley Ponds hiking trail parking lot is not being plowed this winter, and the walk up the narrow Kanc, with cars whipping around a curve, is unappealing. Due to the parking situation, this trail is seeing more use this winter - there was a solid snowshoe track under the 8" of powder, along with parallel indentations from old ski tracks.

Barebooting is a no-no.

Not much warmth from the sun in here.

A small slide from Tropical Storm Irene.

A familiar trail junction in Mad River Notch.

Wintry scene in the Notch.

Looking down Upper Greeley Pond from the north end. Note the small Northern White Cedars on the left

Making tracks along the east edge.

Snow-caked spurs of East Osceola.

The rest of East Osceola's massive spread.

West Huntington to the north.

Last sun on the K2 Cliffs of Mt. Kancamagus.

Parting shot at a brisk four degrees.

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