Monday, March 2, 2020

Morning Visit to 1892 East Osceola Slide: 3/1/20

With fresh powder, blue skies and a dreary forecast ahead, took the morning off for a snowshoe trek to old favorite Upper Greeley Pond and partway up the 1892 slide on East Osceola.

East Osceola from the Kanc Highway, along the 0.2 mile road walk from the pulloff above the unplowed trailhead.

Last Thursday's storm brought only rain to Lincoln, but 9 miles up the road it fashioned a classic winter wonderland.

There's a brook under there - the South Fork of Hancock Branch.

Why we wear snowshoes...

Lots of bendovers on Greeley Ponds Trail.

A beautiful day in the forest.

Silky packed powder snowshoe track. Got a bit chewed up by barebooters later. Nearly all the traffic was heading to the Osceolas.

Upper Greeley Pond.

The wall of East Osceola.

Tracks on the pond.

Heading up the lower runout of the 1892 slide. This lower section was scoured again when additional forks of the slide fell in the 1950s. There were drifted-over ski tracks from yesterday or the day before.

Sometimes in winter this is a chute of ice, but plenty of gorgeous powder today atop a firm base.

Into the great wide open.

Looking back.

Tripyramid behind the K1 Cliff on Mt. Kancamagus.

Tracks on the slide.

Looking across Mad River Notch to the K2 Cliff on Mt. Kancamagus.

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