Saturday, March 15, 2014


The day after a snowstorm, I enjoyed a late afternoon snowshoe jaunt up old favorite Dickey Mountain. The ledgy trail over Welch and Dickey is often icy and tricky in winter, but the dense snow layer laid down on the ledges by the storm made for great snowshoeing conditions.  Mine was the only car in the lot when I set out a bit before 3:00 pm. The trail up Dickey had been broken out by snowshoers, skiers and one barebooter who postholed mightily in the deep snow up on the ledges.

In the oak forest along the lower mile, I passed this classic Pileated Woodpecker gouging.

I was delighted to find the great snow cover up on the first Dickey ledge at 2200 ft. The broad summit of Dickey is in sight ahead.

Looking across at Welch Mountain and the sprawl of Sandwich Dome.

Looking south down the big slab.

Crossing the next ledge up.

With the right conditions, the Dickey ledges are a backcountry skier's playground.

Snowy spruce woods between the ledges.

The huge and often-icy slab at 2550 ft. was a giant snowfield today.

Several skiers had swooped down through here.

At the summit of Dickey, a nice view of the western half of the Sandwich Range.

The Tripyramids and the Sleepers.

Looking north towards Mt. Tecumseh.

It was a treat to run into my friend Pam Bales at the summit. Pam had come up over Welch, after having initially broken the trail out the day before. She is an amazing hiker - a stalwart of Pemi Valley Search and Rescue, and she has completed a Presidential Traverse in 60 (!) consecutive months. Even after donating a kidney to her sister, she did not miss a traverse!

We decided to head across to the great north ledge of Dickey. Pam led a fine route through the ledges and scrub.

Approaching the top of the north ledge, one of the great spots in the Whites.

A closer view of Tecumseh and its wild, trailless southern spurs.

Pam grabbed a shot of a gray-bearded snowshoer.

Looking NW to Fisher Mountain, the ledges of Bald Mountain, the Kinsmans and Cannon.

Zoom on Bald Mountain ledges and a ghostly Cannon.

Pam enjoys the view.

Heading back through the spruces.

Mt. Cushman and Mt. Moosilauke.

Zoom on the Moose, with the ice cliffs of Jobildunk Ravine visible.

Heading down onto the big slab with a developing sunset.

Sunset colors over Carr Mountain and Mt. Kineo.

Pam enjoys the show.

Last rays down in the hardwoods.

Descending the last mile through the open woods. Click here for much more on Dickey and Welch Mountains, including historical highlights and view descriptions.


  1. Great pictures! Glad I found you--I love the outdoors and I look forward to following your posts.

    1. Thank you for reading, Ezra - glad you are enjoying the reports.